Unlocking the rosters: ECHL, AHL bracing for NHL training camps

It’s a little like a combination lock being opened, the roster spinning that ECHL and AHL teams will have to do in the next week.  The CBA documentation may not be in order yet, but the roster shuffle has started in anticipation of NHL training camps opening this weekend.  The SF Bulls’ Andrew Crescenzi and Jamie Devane will be heading back to Toronto tonight.  Who else will go?  Possibly one, or three more, according to this SF Weekly report.  Depends on whether or not the two from Toronto were counter there.

The Worcester Sharks of the AHL have  a lot of players out with injuries right now.  Off the top of my head: Tim Kennedy is likely to be out for some time.  Curt Gogol is still recovering from an ugly hit that resulted in a suspension many have deemed inadequate.  I didn’t see it but I’ll believe the reports.  Brandon Mashinter did not play in the last game, and a minor injury was mentioned.  Defenseman Sena Acolatse was also absent for the last game due to an injury.  Bracken Kearns, who did finish the game Sunday, was absent for a bit of that game getting his hand repaired after a fight.  So that could be not actually okay.  I know I missed someone in there, but the gist of it is that the Sharks’ AHL team has all kinds of players missing right now.  NHL training camp can only shorten their bench.

Center James Sheppard will most probably be called up for the Sharks’ NHL training camp.  Defenseman Nick Petrecki has been on and off the injury list quite a bit this season, but he did play in the last game.  He could be brought out to San Jose for camp.  Worcester Sharks Captain, John McCarthy signed a new two year contract last summer.  He will probably be called up for camp.  Defenseman Matt Irwin may also be called up.  Whether or not any of these players stays in San Jose, Worcester will be needing a lot of bodies at least in the short term.  The Worcester Sharks could sign some players to PTOs, but it is certainly possible that they will call up some of the Bulls as well.

(Edits here- I apparently can’t remember who does and who doesn’t have a contract with SJ or Wor..) Marek Viedensky is still recovering from a knee injury.  Full recovery is expected but it will not be quick.  There’s no reason Worcester has to limit themselves to players who have contracts with the Sharks, of course.  Mikael Tam has already played in Worcester.  Daniil Tarasov is healthy.  They could go crazy and just borrow all the best players, whether or not they’ve ever appeared in Worcester.  It’s not terribly likely but it’s possible.

Thomas Heemskerk is also recovering from appendicitis surgery, but Worcester has plenty of goalies.  If Sateri or Stalock are called up for training camp, the picture could change in net for the Bulls.  I wouldn’t think that’s likely either.

Bulls fans should brace themselves.  As Kyle Paige explained this morning after practice,

Certain guys are going to go up for training camp because the AHL guys are going to go up for NHL training camps and that will filter down.  Eventually it will start to settle down once the training camps have ended.  But certainly some of our guys will be gone for good…a lot of guys that we saw at the beginning of the year that maybe should have been in this league and there was no room for, you’ll see them coming back.

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner)


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