I couldn’t hit a bull…

The name of this blog comes from a saying that means “to have poor aim.”  If you do not know the saying, you can look it up.  Needless to say, I have no intention of hitting any Bulls or bulls anywhere with a bass fiddle or other object.  The whole point of the saying is that I couldn’t.

Any posts by petshark, or from earlier than January 21, 2013, are archived from what I wrote about the Bulls at Kukla’s Korner.  Once I saw how many there were, I thought it was time to give them their own place.

Now I write about the Bulls for other sites, but I still archive everything here because I am a data hoarder and I like to archive everything.

I also like words.  Apart from the idiom referenced in the title, I really like some of the definitions the American Heritage Dictionary provides for “fiddle:”

      • n. Nautical A guardrail used on a table during rough weather to prevent things from slipping off.
      • n. Informal  Nonsensical, trifling matters: “There are things that are important/beyond all this fiddle.” ( Marianne Moore).
      • v.  To occupy oneself in an aimless or desultory way: liked to fiddle with all the knobs and dials.

In one way or another, a lot of those apply to what I’m doing here.


February 9 update: Inside Hockey has graciously agreed to post my stories about the SF Bulls.  I’ll repost them later here too because I’m kind of fond of my blog title and I am a compulsive pack-rat.


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